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Guidance of facility

Facility guidance of Naeba White Palace Hotel, and facility guidance. 40 square-meters-wide multi-purpose hall is rented free for a group of more than 15 people. Organization camps of dance lessons, music practices on stage, circles, seminars, and light music bands in the hall of cherry wood flooring, is also very popular.

Appearance of Naeba White Palace lobby
Appearance of Naeba White Palace. Families can enjoy the views over the slopes from inside the building.

Naeba White Palace Facilities & guidance of equipments

Early Check-ins and Late Check-outs

*Please ask the front for additional charge information.

Guidance for checking-in and out during the ski seasons

Change of clothes before checking in and after checking out is OK.
*use of the hotel after check-out will be available until 15:00.

Asakai Naeba Ski Resort
taken from the cafeteria Sunny Naeba Ski Resort
cafeteria Barbecue facilities
Can overlook the slopes from the cafeteria Can enjoy barbecue in the courtyard. (Green Season)
Barbecue facilities Enjoy barbecue
Barbecue facilities Enjoy barbecue
Japanese-style room Yukimi bath
Excellent views from the Japanese-and-Western aligned guest rooms! (An example of a Japanese-style room) Yukimi bath (weak alkaline mineral Izumi) neuralgia, lumbago, cracked, stiff neck, fatigue recovery effect
Front Water heater
Front Water heater, Microwave oven, Refrigerator
Ski room Smoking area
Ski room Smoking area

Information on rental fees


Guidance of multi-purpose hall

Multi-purpose hall will be chartered free. (only for a group of over 15 people)
From fall to spring, dance, music, cultural activities, and seminar camps, etc.. are available.
For recreation and banquet in winter.
For more information, please access from inquiries.

Multi-purpose hall For dance lessons
For a music camp For dance lessons
Orchestra (brass band) Ensemble Light band Ballroom dancing Latin dance
Orchestra (brass band) Ensemble Light band Ballroom dancing Latin dance
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