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Barbecue facilities

Guidance on the barbecue facility at Hotel Naeba White Palace
Please enjoy the fresh air and barbecue
Recommended to the use of families, seminars, and circles

Barbecue Facility Overview
PlaceOutside, by the hotel
Barbecue stoveBarbecue stove, Charcoal stoves in 4 places, use of iron plates and net allowed
FoodGenerally carry-in (Please consult in advance, if you need anything ready)
Price1stove/day 5,000yen (In case of a set plan, this would be included in the accommodation cost)
Rental ItemsCharcoal (up to 10kg/stove), iron plate, net, tongs, leisure table, chairs, leisure sheet
バーベキュー場全景 炭火焼バーベキュー
Barbecue Facility Overview Charcoal network grilled barbecue
バーベキューコンロ網 バーベキューコンロ鉄板
Barbecue stove Charcoal stoves
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